Forever 21 Plus +

Checked out Forever 21 and found this picture/style. Love everything about it. And even though I don’t like tight tops on top personally I can see myself rocking a similar look because of the cardigan!


I also saw this cardigan on sale on and as much as I liked it I decided not to get it becasue I have so many cardigans I don’t need another one in my closet!


Michael Kors

Today is the second to last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Fall/Winter 2014 and also the day of the show I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been familiar with Michael Kors accessories for a while but lately I’ve been checking out their clothes as well. Therefore I wanted to see their show really bad. I watched it online at and I absolutely loved it. Especially these three items, with the vest being my absolute favorite.

llmlm h-623_w-360, h-623_w-360

An evening…

I went to see my friend A last night. I was just stopping by for an hour to catch up, but ended up spending three hours there. A is a very interesting person, and a great friend. We talked about our projects and what we both have going on. I left feeling like I know and understand him so much better. Having alone time and one-on-one conversations with people is nice. You open up so much more.

I also got to see his new walk-in-closet for the first time. It’s freaking amazing. I’m jealous!


photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

After seeing this amazing closet, does this surprise you?

photo 2

He has this on his TV, for extra coziness, along with this…

photo 1

Love going over to his house!



As I mentioned I went looking for a necklace this weekend. I didn’t find it but I found a few other things I liked.

At Gina Tricot I found these three items on sale. The earrings and the black scarf plus the bag. I so do not need another bag to add to my collection of 150 + but I loved this one. Great for work. I justified buying it because it was on sale…

photo 5 photo 4 (3)


Sarajevo Style

Before I left for Sarajevo I had decided to photograph my outfits for a post called Sarajevo Style. I even brought the camera I got from my sister for Christmas/early birthday present. It has a remote and I was gonna use it. Well, I failed. I ended up snapping two pictures and with my iPhone…