Carmakoma love!

Was killing some time earlier this evening by browsing Came across this blue jumper from Carmakoma. I’m in love with it, I actually love everything about this look.


Matchy matchy

So I’ve been liking the matching top and pants trend for a while but could never decide if that would be something that suits me. Well, a while ago I got this black and white top that is really flattering and I just saw that they have the pants to match, so I decided to get them as well. I just placed the order so I don’t know how I’m gonna like it but I’ll make sure to show you when I get them.

Looks something like this.


I love the fact that you can wear it with heels as well as flats


I love her style: Carrie Underwood

I’m sure you all know Carrie Underwood, an American Idol winner from way back when. I love her music and also her style. I usually love everything she wears, her stylist Trish Townsend is great. They have been working together for a while now and the way they style the dresses for different red carpets, is awesome. Somehow they are always fitting for the event. Below I’ll show you some of my favorite Carrie Underwood looks over the years.

carrie-underwood-2011-golden-globes__oPt music-grammy-awards-red-carpet-carrie-underwood grammy_red_carpet_023-x600 carrie-underwood-2 Carrie-Underwood-2014-Billboard-Music-Awards carrie-underwood-2012-billboard-music-awards-02 Carrie-Underwood-Billboard-Music-Awards-2014


Ok, I don’t really have much to say about this outfit except that it’s HAWT! Love everything about it.



Forever 21 Plus +

Checked out Forever 21 and found this picture/style. Love everything about it. And even though I don’t like tight tops on top personally I can see myself rocking a similar look because of the cardigan!


I also saw this cardigan on sale on and as much as I liked it I decided not to get it becasue I have so many cardigans I don’t need another one in my closet!


Michael Kors

Today is the second to last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Fall/Winter 2014 and also the day of the show I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been familiar with Michael Kors accessories for a while but lately I’ve been checking out their clothes as well. Therefore I wanted to see their show really bad. I watched it online at and I absolutely loved it. Especially these three items, with the vest being my absolute favorite.

llmlm h-623_w-360, h-623_w-360

Asos love

To clear my head from everything going on in my life right now I had a look around on Asos. I found a lot of cute stuff so I thought I’d show you these seven styles that I loved…Enjoy!

kjbn bjjb kjnkj nnnj image4xxl (2) image4xxl image1xxl


An evening…

I went to see my friend A last night. I was just stopping by for an hour to catch up, but ended up spending three hours there. A is a very interesting person, and a great friend. We talked about our projects and what we both have going on. I left feeling like I know and understand him so much better. Having alone time and one-on-one conversations with people is nice. You open up so much more.

I also got to see his new walk-in-closet for the first time. It’s freaking amazing. I’m jealous!


photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

After seeing this amazing closet, does this surprise you?

photo 2

He has this on his TV, for extra coziness, along with this…

photo 1

Love going over to his house!