Already wednesday

Yesterday was not a good day for blogging. Way to much going on. But Monday after a meeting in town I met up with my doll Ami and spent the whole evening with her. Just having a bite to eat and some Fro Yo. It was great catching up as the whole summer has blown by so fast with a lot of exciting things going on. For example SHE GOT MARRIED. Yes, I did attend her wedding. DUUUH, of course I did. For me it’s always a pleasure attending weddings. It just means you mean a lot to that person for them to include you in the biggest day of their life, pretty much. 



Throwback Thursday

I was looking at old pictures on Instagram and saw a bunch of pictures of me with blonde hair. It made me miss it, A LOT! I posted a picture on Facebook and my friend Ami, who’s also my hairdresser said not to even think about it. LOL! I do get what she’s saying, it did ruin my hair pretty bad, but damn, I like my hair blonde!!!




Change in life is good, even if don’t always like it. I’m changing a few things in my life in the coming week aswell as my blog. There will be some new and different posts than what you’re used too and maybe a YouTube channel as well…Keep checking this space in the next few weeks!



Good Morning…

…to you lovely people.

Today has been a late start for me. My alarm was set for 6.45, I woke up at 6.37 and got up. While brushing my teeth I realized that I was really tired and went back to bed for another hour. At work now and today is gonna be a busy day. I have a lot of things to deal with. This afternoon I’m meeting a friend for coffee and then I’m gonna clean at home and get ready for the weekend. I have plans to hang out with some faves. 

Have a good day everyone!



So, I first saw Divergent when it came out. Now that it’s out on DVD I chose to see it again. For some reason it was so much better this time and I’ve decided to actually read the books. As of right now I’m gonna skip the first one which is Divergent and start reading Insurgent. The movie for Insurgent is gonna premiere in March of 2015. I simply can’t wait that long to see what happens next.




Long overdue…

Hey faves!

Hope all is well with you. I’m good over here, just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I spent the weekend in my hometown and other than that I’ve been super busy…Therefore there have been no updates. This weekend is a busy one and after that I’ll hopefully have time to update.