Goodbye weekend

Hi faves!

So, this weekend is almost over and I have to say it’s been a good one!!!

I spent today with Ami and her mom, shopping. Only got a few things I really needed and that’s it. Just finished watching a movie and now I’m about to take a shower before bed!!!

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend too. I’m already look forward to next weekend. My sister and my best friends from home are coming!!!



Sunday Funday

Hi faves!

So, changed my mind last night and went to see John de Sohn. It had stopped raining for a minute so it was all good. After the show I ended up at an afterparty with some people I didn’t really know that well but it was still a great night. John de Sohn is really really good! In my attempt to not bring a big handbag I forgot my phone at home and it felt so strange all night. Everyone knows I love my phone! I came home around 3am and woke up and 9am, so I’m still a bit tired. Today I was gonna clean and just be productive but my BBF just invited me to go shopping with her and her mom, so I’m gonna go do that instead! That’s how we socialize and I haven’t seen her for a few days!!!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!



Capricorn today

‘We can’t always trust what’s being said to us or the apparent actions of another – especially when we suspect either involves a hidden agenda. You are right to wonder what has caused someone to have a surprising change of heart but are wrong to believe there’s more to their actions than what you’re seeing or being told. Have faith in the fact that a drama is ending.’



Västerås City Festival

So me and my friend ended up going to the city festival instead of the lake. Walked around for a bit, shopped a bit, had something to eat and then we were gonna go see a movie but decided to have a drink instead. I was gonna say didn’t get much but that’s a lie. I got a few things but I spent very little money.

So, this store is closing and they were having a sale. I got 6 pairs of shoes for, wait for it…246 SEK, which is basically 36 dollars. Isn’t that crazy!?


The boots I’m gonna give to my mom, but I love all the flats and the open toe wedges!


Drinks at Vardasrum (Livingroom)

John de Sohn is playing tonight, outside and it’s just started raining! I really wanted to go but as I wrote in my blog yesterday, I’m not really a fan of festivals therefore I think I’m gonna pass…


Saturday morning

Hi faves!

I woke up a while ago even tho it’s  saturday and I said I’d sleep in. I’ve just had breakfast and I’m waiting for my friend to let me know what we’re doing today! We’re either gonna go to a city music festival or the lake…


Capricorn today


‘Some problems require money to solve them. If all it takes is financial investment to solve a problem, then it’s not really a problem. Real problems require much more and, fortunately, we have this in abundance: imagination. More money would undoubtedly make life less stressful but it’s the imaginative solution you’re about to put in place that will bring the greatest reward.’

Friday afternoon

Hello faves

So this afternoon I spent shopping with a friend and just chilling! Didn’t get too much, just a few small little things!!! When I came home I also picked up my Glossbox for this month and let me tell you, I love it! Every single thing in there is something I know I’ll use! One of the items I will give to my sister just because I’m nice! She likes organic things so I’ll give her the Fig & Rouge organic lip balm.


1 Emite Make Up Professional Eye Lash Curler

2 Fig & Rouge 100% Pure & Natural Tinted Lip Balm

3 Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

4 Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray

5 China Glaze Nail Lacquer

photo (2)

1 L’Oréal Paris Eyeshadow Quad – Tropical Tutu

2 Kicks Lipstick – Flirty Girly

photo (1)

Saw this beautiful rose gold bracelet at H&M but it didn’t have a price on it and I couldn’t find one like it. I asked the cashier how much it was and she looked at me funny. She actually didn’t even know they had it in the store so she sold it to me for 20 SEK (swedish krona). I left the store thinking maybe someone lost it. Anyway, if someone did, it is not mine, I’ve paid for it!!!

I’m about to browse the web for a while and then I’m off to bed! It’s gonna be a fun and interesting saturday.


The meaning of Elvisa

There is no special meaning of Elvisa, my name! When I was younger I didn’t really like my name. And not because people called me Elvis or anything like that. I just wanted a name with a special meaning to it. That is until I found out my grandma actually picked the name. Now, I love it. Not just because of that but also because it’s pretty unique and you don’t hear it a lot. Even in Bosnia where I’m from! 

I googled it earlier today and this is all the info I could find:

‘Popular among Eastern Europeans. Feminine form of Elvis.’


Capricorn today

‘We live in an age where many people believe that something they want is something they deserve but without a need to invest effort to attain it. You’re very aware of how much effort will be required to achieve something commendable whilst, at the same time, reassuring you about an aspect of your future. It is this attitude that is inviting help that you truly deserve now.’