My weekend

So, last weekend I spent with family. Me and my sister’s day started super early at 6 AM. We got ready and went to McD to get some breakfast before we hit the road. It was an almost 3 hour drive and we wanted to get there early. We arrived at like 10.30 at our cousins and just spent time at her house. After lunch we took the kids to the lake for some fun in the sun. On our way back home we went to a nature reserve and took a walk. And after that we want back into town for some ice cream! Saturday night was movie night, but I fell asleep as soon as the movie started pretty much.

Sunday after breakfast we went to Kalmar, my old stomping grounds. That’s were I went to college. We just walked around town and did some shopping. We sat down for some ice cream and then took the kids to the FanZone, because the Woman’s Euro Cup is being played in Sweden. After that we went home and decided to see if there were tickets left to take the kids. We ended up not going.

Just before 10 PM I got home, jumped in the shower and went straight to bed.

photo (24)

photo (37)

photo (25)

photo (31)

photo (26)

photo (33)


photo (30)




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