Lazy Sunday

I have not left my house today, the whole day! Except for the hour I sat on the balcony having some coffee and writing. Does that count?I think that’s a first this year! I’ve just had a me day! Doing some of the stuff I need to deal with before vacation! Girl stuff, packing a bit, picking out and styling some outfits. I’ve written a few blog posts to keep you entertained while I’m away. Sure, I’ll be posting from vacation as well, but not everyday, so I want you to have something to read. Nothing special, just bits about life and stuff I’ve been dealing with or things that have been on my mind lately. I’ll try to keep it positive even though some negative things have happened, still it’s nothing super serious and I wanna keep it off of my blog and deal with it privately!!!


Today I had a 2 hour 35 minute conversation with Ivy, one of my best friends since childhood.

I ❤ You



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