My evening!

Yesterday after a very intense three-hour meeting I met up with Ami, J and A for a bite to eat. As usual it was so much fun, the four of us always have a blast together.  Around 8 PM it was time to head home and while I was driving I made a call to a ‘new friend’.  Well let me tell you, I got super confused! LOL It was a very short conversation but it was all me this me that. I can greatly appreciate being busy and working hard, trust me, I respect that a lot. But damn, that’s all you talk about all the time though??? I’m not an attention seeker but I do like when someone at least asks me how I am or what’s going on with me!

Probably working late today and then it’s time for a cup of tea and I’m gonna continue reading Fikret Hodzic’s book ‘…i ja sam iz Srebrenice’. It always makes me cry…




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