A great weekend

I spent the weekend in a great way with awesome people around me!
Friday I drove the same damn road I do very often! Took me a little over two hrs like it always does! Changed at my parents house and headed to Linköping with Azra to meet up with her boyfriend and some other old and new friends. Had a blast! Spent my Saturday and half of my Sunday in Motala because of a dance festival! It was funny sleeping at a hotel only 20 minutes away from home. When I dropped of my girls at the train station I went back home to my parents house. Chilled there for a bit, took a nap and then went for coffee with my sister, Azra and Elma! After that I said bye to everyone and headed home! It was raining like crazy so the trip home took a little longer! Since I’ve been home I’ve been working non stop and soon I’m off to bed.

Like I mentioned September and October are gonna be busy, well something’s just been added and now it’s even more busy! The only thing that annoys me about it is that I have to pack for a nine day, 4 countries, 6 city tour in one suitcase!!! That’s gonna be hell!

Sarajevo, see you soon!!! 😉



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