Saturday & Sunday

I’ve had a very busy but really fun weekend.

Started saturday with nice breakfast and then got my car detalied…it’s now super clean!!! After that my dad and I went shopping and then home for a few hours. I made us lunch, cleaned up, got ready and then we left for Stockholm. We went to our cousins house and spent a few hours there. Watched the Klitschko-Povetkin fight and honestly I can’t believe Povetkin made it all 12 rounds. It looked like he was going down in the sixth or seventh round but he stood up and fought. Good match! But of course Wladimir Klitschko won.

As soon as it ended my dad and I left for the airport. We went to pick up my grandparents. Came home around 2AM and fell asleep sometimes after 3AM.

Woke up around 10AM Sunday morning and had a long breakfast with my dad before he left. I cleaned up around the house and then went to see my grandparents for a few hours. I love them so much, they are 79 years old and very open-minded about life. Makes for an easy relationship. I came home around 4PM and spend the whole afternoon getting everything ready that I need to pack…



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