Some people…

I am furious right now!

I don’t know how some people can think that it’s ok to talk to other people in any way they like!
I’m at a work conference and we just had lunch! As a guy comes up clear our table and as he reaches for this ladies plate she yells “I’m still eating” like literally yells out of nowhere!
I froze first our of shock and then out of anger! Because it was so uncalled for! She literally had one bite left on her plate and didn’t look like she was gonna eat it as she was already going for the coffee!
And even if she was gonna it eat, there are other ways and tones she could have spoke to him! Then the lady next to her sent back a whole pot of coffee because it wasn’t warm enough! Umm, excuse me but not everyone like their coffee scorching hot!
At that point I had to excuse myself from the table! Here you are an all expenses paid conference and you are acting in a way that’s not ok and very unnecessary!
Let’s all respect each other…


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