The weekend

My weekend started with a very chill friday afternoon. After work and a visit to the Dr because of my back, that took forever I just sat at home watching Homeland. Absolutely obsessed with the show. I just started season 3 last night. This morning a read a spoiler for the ending. LAME!

Saturday my aunt, cousin, his wife and their baby came to visit. It was a lot of fun having them. Baby A is so cute and super smart. Love the little muffin. When they left around 6PM I cleaned up around the house and then just watched Homeland. Sunday started off with a sleep in until 9 then I got up, took a walk, came home, had breakfast and it was Homeland time again. Around 3PM Ami came over and we just sat there talking for hours about life. When she left I watched a few episodes of Homeland and then went to bed.

This morning from 8AM to 1PM I had a meeting, then went to work. I just got home, I’m gonna do some laundry while watching Homeland before bed.

Hope you had a great weekend and a good monday!




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