The weekend.

Friday night was a lazy one. I just did some dishes after work and that was it. 🙂

Saturday was spent at a futsal tournament. Pretty much all day. If was fun. Seeing the dedication in some of the guys playing was awesome. They went hard and gave it their all. I was impressed. Nejra and I mostly talked about other things at first but then really got into it. Cheering and all. Bosnisk SK won, as usual I must say. They’ve been doing really good lately. We, Nejra and I left only to get some lunch and then went back for the quarter finals. Unfortunately she had to leave before the finale. Sent her a text though. After that around 7 PM I went to my grandparents house and just hung out for a while before going home and getting into bed with a cup of tea and a movie. I saw Babylon AD, and I’ve already seen it a few times before. Vin Diesel is so freaking hot.

Sunday morning I woke up around 9.30 got ready and went shopping. I was on a mission to find a necklace that Nejra was wearing the day before. It was Fleur de lis and I absolutely loved it. Fleur de lis was the logo on the old Bosnian flag so it has a special meaning to me. Unfortunately I didn’t find it. It was from H&M and sold out everywhere. After that I stopped by my grandparents again for lunch. I also helped my grandpa carry some things to throw away before I left. Came home around 4PM. Did a bit of laundry and watched The Vampire Diaries. Was thinking about going to the movies but couldn’t be bothered.

Monday now and back at work.

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photo 4 (2) photo 2 (2)

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