Late birthday party

Since my birthday is at the beginning of the year and it’s always a stressful time therefore I chose to have my birthday party a little later than my actual birthday. I was also away for my birthday so this turned out perfect. This meant I had a few parties/dinners and I got to spend my birthday with a lot of people who I love.

But this weekend was the big party with all my friends getting together. We started at 7PM with a dinner and then went on til around 3.30AM I think. It was a great time, for me and all my friends. Everyone was in a great mood. The drinks were flowing, we we’re dancing and I was truly happy to be there in the moment with all the people I genuinely love. Some of them are new friends but when you see a guy that makes your friend really, really happy you can’t help but love him too.

Once again I’d like to thank everyone for coming out. Some of them had to travel a long way to be there. I appreciate it and the love I felt was overwhelming at times…

Thank You!




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