The weekend.

Hey faves, it’s been a while. I’ve had a crazy busy weekend with the occasional twist and a lot of fun. Started my friday on a bad note as I felt really nauseous and didn’t go to work. Slept until 3PM and then got up. As I was feeling a little better I stopped by my office to pick up my computer. Friday evening Ami, J, Almir and Nejra stopped by for coffee and fun times. Why would someone spend V-day with one person when you can spend it with a bunch of awesome people. That’s what I did. Dina also joined in later that evening, then around 1AM she threw everyone out so she could go to sleep. What happened next we’re not gonna talk about, it was all about an adventure with E&D and no sleep. Saturday morning we started our work day around 11AM. We went on all day took a nap before dinner, went to dinner and then back to the hotel and straight to bed. Sunday was work all day as well. On my way home I stopped by my cousin’s house for a cup of tea. Came home around 7PM and worked all evening and well into the night. Started my Monday morning off with 45 minutes of yoga. Last night I stopped by my grandparents house for dinner and went to my friend’s house for some tea and a nice conversation. Today I’ve been at work all morning and took a 45 min walk out in the sun. It’s all about work this afternoon and evening…

photo (14)1


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