So, I don’t think anyone has missed the fact that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married last weekend. Anyway…And although I like Kanye’s music and I think Kim is beautiful I’m not a huge fan of either of them. But, I must say I LOVE Kim’s Givenchy haute couture wedding dress. And Mr. West looked dapper. North West is a cute baby too. 

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I love her style: Carrie Underwood

I’m sure you all know Carrie Underwood, an American Idol winner from way back when. I love her music and also her style. I usually love everything she wears, her stylist Trish Townsend is great. They have been working together for a while now and the way they style the dresses for different red carpets, is awesome. Somehow they are always fitting for the event. Below I’ll show you some of my favorite Carrie Underwood looks over the years.

carrie-underwood-2011-golden-globes__oPt music-grammy-awards-red-carpet-carrie-underwood grammy_red_carpet_023-x600 carrie-underwood-2 Carrie-Underwood-2014-Billboard-Music-Awards carrie-underwood-2012-billboard-music-awards-02 Carrie-Underwood-Billboard-Music-Awards-2014

Fun weekend

This weekend was a good one! Started by going to hang out with a bunch of people Friday night. Saturday I woke up at 6.40 AM. By 7.15 I was having my car washed and at 8 AM I had my yearly inspection. Then back home and did two loads of laundry and after that I met up with a friend for lunch. Took my grandparents to the airport after that. Had a quick coffee and then back home just in time to change for a charity party. Dressed up in a cute spring outfit only to arrive there and it’s pouring down. Thankfully I had a jacket in my car. Didn’t stay long at all. It was super boring. The band, consisting of one person sucked. He was more screaming than singing. The whole thing felt a bit off and weird. But, the money is going towards Bosnia and that’s good. I’m still glad I went and helped out a little. Came home and got ready for bed. Watched a movie and then slept. Yesterday (Sunday) I was working during the Elections, all day. Went to bed around 1.40 AM and woke up 7.20 this morning. Yeah, very productive weekend!

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Friends, followers and amazing people of the world. I ask you to please donate to the people of Bosnia. 20 years ago there was a war that tore my country apart and now this. This is the worst flooding in the last 100 years and people have lost everything. The worst part is that it doesn’t seem like the rain is gonna stop any time soon!
You can donate via Red Cross or find a local organization that is helping.
If you do donate please let me know by emailing me;

Thank you!


What I wore

Someone asked me what I wore to the event this weekend. I actually wore three outfits during the day and another one at the party.
The main one was this;

A black dress, how different! Right?! This is a dress I’ve only worn once, to my college graduation a few years ago! I still fits and I actually really liked it. Over it I wore a black and floral kimono, I had it for a while as well. The shoes are a pair of black pumps and they are new, or newerI got them back in February! I wore them to my sisters birthday dinner and they were super tight! I’ve worn them a few times since then around the house and for short periods of time. They are not tight anymore but they are very uncomfortable. And to think I bought them for my cousins wedding in July is crazy! I’m gonna need to wear something else.



So, every year three of the biggest Bosnian organizations in Sweden organize a Day of Culture which includes song and dance. This year was no exception. We were in Borås, Sweden 9-11 of May. It’s a lot hard work but always a lot of fun. My job this year was really stressful. I went from speaking at the opening ceremony to actin as a backstage manager to collecting money for charity to helping people out with whatever they needed. Didn’t really get to watch the show at all.

Anyway, here are some of the official pictures and some other day I’ll do a post with my private pictures.

sretanja_u_folkanu_49_20140512_1833766161 sretanja_u_folkanu_48_20140512_1796705804 sretanja_u_folkanu_9_20140512_1435525083 proglasenje_pobjednika_1_20140512_1857381904 sveano_otvaranje_14_20140512_1215800585 sveano_otvaranje_13_20140512_1042938143 sveano_otvaranje_4_20140512_1560496750 nastup_ispred_folkana_1_20140512_1498076856 (1) sinnenas_hus_17_20140512_1767138477 sinnenas_hus_15_20140512_1596146538 oko_scene_na_sveanoj_akademiji_42_20140512_1016685716

Thank You

It’s been a super busy weekend, like I anticipated. When I came home last night around 9.30 PM I was exhausted. But, that wasn’t just it. More so than anything else I was thankful…

A huge Thank You goes out to two special people who did an awesome job. I put my trust in you and you made me proud.

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