So, every year three of the biggest Bosnian organizations in Sweden organize a Day of Culture which includes song and dance. This year was no exception. We were in Borås, Sweden 9-11 of May. It’s a lot hard work but always a lot of fun. My job this year was really stressful. I went from speaking at the opening ceremony to actin as a backstage manager to collecting money for charity to helping people out with whatever they needed. Didn’t really get to watch the show at all.

Anyway, here are some of the official pictures and some other day I’ll do a post with my private pictures.

sretanja_u_folkanu_49_20140512_1833766161 sretanja_u_folkanu_48_20140512_1796705804 sretanja_u_folkanu_9_20140512_1435525083 proglasenje_pobjednika_1_20140512_1857381904 sveano_otvaranje_14_20140512_1215800585 sveano_otvaranje_13_20140512_1042938143 sveano_otvaranje_4_20140512_1560496750 nastup_ispred_folkana_1_20140512_1498076856 (1) sinnenas_hus_17_20140512_1767138477 sinnenas_hus_15_20140512_1596146538 oko_scene_na_sveanoj_akademiji_42_20140512_1016685716


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