2015…the year of…


This year I have a few goals and a milestone birthday.

I’m gonna better myself as a person. I’m not gonna let the small things bother me. I’m gonna do what I want and not care what people think. I’m gonna kill them will kindness. I’m gonna make an effort to get closer to my family and relatives that live far away. I’m gonna smile more. I’m gonna tell people I love them more often. I’m gonna give people chances. I’m gonna help people out. I’m gonna do more yoga. I’m gonna read more about religion. I’m gonna see something positive in every situation. I’m gonna read more books. I’m gonna make a career move. I’m gonna be honest with myself about everything. I’m gonna focus on building my brand. I’m gonna spend more time with family. I’m gonna put my life before my work. I’m gonna let my hair grow. I’m gonna travel even more. I’m gonna spend my time with positive people. I’m gonna love harder.

I’m gonna be a better version of the best me!



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