For me shopping in a sale means I really don’t need the item but I get it because it’s cute and at a good price. That’s how I justify shopping anyway. But if there is an item I really need I’ll get it then and there, the price doesn’t really matter. And as I am a shop-a-holic I must have a method where I don’t spend all my money. For me it is the number seven. If I’m shopping in a sale I don’t get more than seven things. At Primark, I don’t get more than seven bags, etc.

Here are the seven items I’m loving from the ASOS Sale at the moment.


Exclusive Jumper Dress


Embellished One Shoulder Maxi Dress

image4xxl (1)

Side Panel Midi

image4xxl (2)

2 in 1 Cape Pencil Dress

image4xxl (3)

Contrast Side Dress

image1xxl (1)

Printed Tailored Blazer

image1xxl (2)

Pencil Skirt In Mono Print

I don’t really dress this classy but I’m loving all these items!



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