About last week…

If you follow my blog you’ve read about a surprise trip I was given for my birthday. I only found out where I was going when I got to the airport early Thursday morning of last week. And just as I had guessed and hoped for, it was London.


I was going with my sister and one of my best friends lives there, so I know it was gonna be a great trip. What I didn’t know was that one of my other best friends would show up too. Actually I guessed someone else I knew was coming but I couldn’t ever guess it was Dina. Not that she wouldn’t do this for me but because it was Valentines Day weekend, and she made me believer she was spending it with her boyfriend. He even was in on it, texting me about restaurant ideas for V-day.


We went to Victoria station to meet this friend, which my friend Ivana said was her friend Sarah coming from Birmingham, I didn’t believe it was a Sarah but rather my friend Azerina. We sat down and I was looking in the direction I thought she might show up. All of a sudden I see a girl that looks like Dina. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I couldn’t see her properly. She saw me looking straight at her and started walking towards me in a special way. She has this little strut to her walk when she’s excited. As she saw me looking at her, she thought I know it was her. I had no idea, I was in a state of shock. I screamed with excitement as she got closer and I could really tell it was her. The next 10-20 minutes are a blur. There were hugs, kisses and tears.

The rest of the weekend was absolutely amazing. We went shopping, had great food, laughed, walked around London, drank wine, went to see 50 Shades of Grey…etc.

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I’ll remember this London trip forever. Thanks to Ninna, Dina, Ami, Ivana and Stephanie!!!


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