I Love Her Style : Celia Ayala

Some of you know I’ve done a few of these I Love Her Style posts in the past! But, I’ve never featured a plus-size, non celebrity before.

This post is all about plus-size babe Celia Ayala aka @ladyshears


I’ve been following her Instagram for a while now and I love all her outfit posts. She looks absolutely stunning in anything she wears and I love her edgy style.


The caption to this photo speaks volumes to me;

‘I’m no model. I just want to be a role model! Love who you are, strive for greatness, remain humble and have so much light in your life you ignore the shade.’

These last few weeks I’ve been going back on Celia’s Instagram trying to find outfit ideas for events I have coming up.

I mean, just look at these pictures…

7 6 5 4 3 2

#girlcrush #flawless

Go check out her page and let her know I sent you! ❤



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