Tweed Liberty Tote

When I was in London in February I saw a girl in Primark with a bag I fell in love with. She literally walked past me and when I saw the bag I followed her upstairs to she shoe and bag section. I waited for the opportunity to present itself for me to ask her without me coming off as a stalker and a weirdo. She was super sweet about and told me it was a Victoria Beckham bag. Ever since then I’ve been looking for it but I can’t find it, it’s sold out everywhere.

I’m talking about the Tweed Liberty Tote

wqsa2v-i img-thing



3 thoughts on “Tweed Liberty Tote

    • Yeah it’s super dreamy!

      Haha, I had to know where it was from! She was surprised I asked her but she was sweet and very nice. She liked the compliment, me telling her she has a gorgeous bag. I think most people would…! An I don’t think we should be ashamed of letting people know if we like their style, bag, shoes etc…

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