Help me choose!

You guys, I’m going to Sarajevo in a week and whenever I’m there I buy a new bag. Actually I buy one whenever I’m travelling.

I found these two that I really like. I might find something else while there but if I don’t help me choose between these two.

Which one is your favorite?

4499004202_1_1_1 4333004202_1_1_1

Combined city bad                                                               Shopper basket

Let me know!!!


4 thoughts on “Help me choose!

  1. Arrrgh – this is soooo hard huni, I’m usually quite good at this – I keep wanting to say the second one but then my eyes flick back up and I’m like *swwwwooooon* lol Wait… erm… the top one – it’s so unique and has a shoulder strap which is always handy for travelling 😉 Karen xo

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