Sarajevo shopping

During my Sarajevo trip I only did a little bit of shopping. As I was traveling with only a carry on I couldn’t really but too much. These few makeup items I picked up were more because I needed them, than anything else. I did get a few more things but I left them at the apartment because I\m going back in  just a few weeks.

Here is what I picked up:



This Rimmel  foundation is my favorite foundation at the moment, I stocked up by getting three.


Another favorite! These Maybelline nail polishes caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store. They are a bit hard to take off which is a minus.


Picked up this Eco Tools powder/blush brush. I love Real Techniques brushed but the Eco Tools is a close second.


I had to get a mascara because I forgot my favorite L’oreal Paris Miss Manga mascara. I fist got the Max Factor, didn’t like it so I went back the next day and got the Essence. Don’t really like either one that much.


Out of all the Maybelline Baby lips I had only tried and loved the Hydrate. Decided to switch it up a bit and got this one, the Peach Kiss. It has a nude tint to it so it’s not for everyday.


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