Summer shoes : Top 7

While I was looking for shoes for the wedding I’m attending next weekend I came across these that I fell in love with…

What do you think?

image1xxl (1) image1xxl (2) image1xxl (3)

image1xxl (1)

How gorgeous are these nude platform sandals?

image1xxl (4)

These floral pumps are a dream. I love the little detail in the front and the fact that they don’t look exactly the same


A pair of nude wedges is always a good idea

image1xxl (5)

These black mesh sandals are the perfect shoe for an edgy look

image1xxl (7)

I think these are the shoes that you can both dress up or dress down

image1xxl (9)

How pretty and elegant are these orange peep toe pumps? My orange obsession continues…

image1xxl (8)

These are just stunning. This is an absolute wedding shoe. I would wear these to my own wedding!

All the shoes are from ASOS


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