Loving NYX


I’ve finally tried NYX makeup and I love it. A few days ago my order arrived and since then I’ve been using the products. I must admit that I’m pleasantly surprised.

My favorite thing out of the things I got is the concealer. It’s the exact type of concealer that I like. The consistency of it is a bit sticky but it doesn’t bother me, I actually like that. And the color, a perfect match. The eyebrow gel took some time to get used to because I usually use a pen but it’s pretty good. I just think I prefer a pen. The palette is pretty good too, the pink shade is my fave. Both lipsticks are matte and I like them, they remind me of the Rimmel matte lipsticks, from the Kate Moss collection. And the blush, it’s a dream. It gives the perfect peachy cheeks.


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