Summer fave – NYX Matte lipstick

This NYX lipstick in MLS04 Pale Pink has been a favorite all summer long. nyx1

When I first got it I knew I would like it but I couldn’t even imagine how much. It’s been my go-to lipstick for every occasion. It’s very buildable so you can apply it differently. A small amount just gives your lips a tint to their natural color. If you apply more than two layer s you get the most awful Barbie pink lip color. And that’s not a good look. It is a matte color but it doesn’t dry your lips out and at times I’ve worn lip gloss over it even though it’s not necessary.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing it over the summer.


My sister and I in Dubrovnik, Croatia

11665662_10153006776697607_8542533551548219517_n 22522_10153038593232607_4121197739445393616_n 11745866_10153053302627607_1661141517582882383_n 11221592_10153099047112607_8498263692147016891_n

I also love the packaging a lot! I have a few NYX lipsticks now but the little see through part lets you grab the right one at all times.

FullSizeRender (2)



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