NYX : Sold Out

In Sweden, where I live, we don’t have the makeup brand Essence! So, whenever I travel in Europe I make sure to pick up a few things to try!

While I was away just a few weeks ago I stopped by the Essence stand with my list of things people have recommended online or to me personally but I only found a few things. Most of it was sold out.

Just before going there I was at NYX trying to find a brown-ish lipstick. I had one in mind. The Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Soft-Spoken, but it was sold out.


That’s why I ended up looking for an alternative. Maybelline nor L’Oreal had what I had in mind but I found this one at Essence. It’s their long lasting lipstick in shade 06 BARELY THERE.  I’ve now had a few weeks to test it out and I must say I like it. It’s not super long lasting and you defiantly have to touch it up after eating or drinking but it’s good enough. The color is a red-ish brown and I don’t mind that. I still want the NYX one but in the meantime this Essence lippie will keep me happy.



2 thoughts on “NYX : Sold Out

    • It’s a German brand if I’m not mistaken! It’s very affordable and the quality is great! I’ve had a really hard time finding a eyeshadow primer that fits me but their primer is prefect for me. I swear by it!

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