True Match Crayon Concealer

I’ve been testing out a new concealer from L’Oreal Paris these last few weeks.

It’s the crayon concealer.

The concealer is good, it’s very creamy and can feel a bit drying but it’s not. It blends perfectly and the coverage is great. Works very well for me. One this I dislike, well it’s more so hate is the smell. I can’t even describe the smell of it but it absolutely awful. The good this is you don’t actually smell it when you open it and apply it, only when you actually try and smell the product. I wish L’Oreal would do something about that. I’ve used a L’Oreal foundation in the past and I remember it smelling as well, although not as bad as the concealer. It makes me think about what’s actually in the product. But, I’ve read the ingredients and didn’t find anything strange.

I don’t know if I’ll buy it again but I will definitely use up the one I have.


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