Eyebrow stylist

As I mentioned before I picked up a lot of Essence goodies this summer. One thing I didn’t like in the beginning was this Eyebrow stylist set. I tried it with the brush that came with it and hated it and never went back to it. That is until I went away for the weekend a few weeks ago and realized I had forgotten my trusty IsaDora eyebrow pencil. The only other eyebrow product I had in my makeup bag was the Essence Eyebrow stylist. I had to use it and this time I used my Real Techniques brush with it. I went to dinner that night really happy with my makeup and my eyebrows were looking good as well. Since this product is a powder I used my Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama clear gel to set it. So yeah, the product is really good but the packaging is a joke! It also comes with three templates but honestly I can’t see anyone really using those.



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