Maybelline – The Burgundy Bar

I haven’t been excited for a palette in a while and then I saw this;


Burgundy is one of my favorite colors and I especially love it during fall and winter along army green. Kylie Jenner came out with her own burgundy palette a while back, simply called  The Burgundy Palette and I tried getting it when it first launched but it was sold out and after seeing some of the revives and swatches I decided that $42 was a bit much, for the time being. And then I saw this one, with three more colors. I immediately started looking for it online but it was nowhere to be found. Finally my bestie found it on and got it for me.

I’ve used it a lot ever since getting it. And although I would have liked a few matte colors and also a few more within the ‘burgundy’ color scheme I do like this palette.

If anyone has tried both this one and the Kylie Jenner palette please let me know your opinions, which one is better!? I’m very curios!



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