Zvijezda Mozes Biti Ti

When I was in Sarajevo a few weeks ago my friends and I stopped by Hayat TV, a television station that’s very popular in the Balkan region. They have their own talent show that is like Idol called Zvijezda Mozes Biti Ti, which basically means You Can Be A Star. As we got a tour of the studio where they shoot the show some one the competitors were there. We took a picture with them but unfortunately I can’t tell you who they are as I myself don’t watch the show even though it’s very popular.




Hell no you don’t!!!


This has got to be the most stupid thing I’ve read in a really, really long time. Apparently Miley Cyrus says she believes she’s representing women in a cool way! Hell NO you are not Miley. You look stupid and I feel violated every time I see a picture of you. Look I’m all for everyone doing whatever they want and feel like but Miley is not cool. Nor is she representing anyone in a cool way, not even herself. I don’t need to be looking at her camel toe in every other picture. I feel like the only reason someone would ever act like that is because they’re on drugs. No sane person would ever wear anything like that, not even on stage. Sorry, actually I’m not sorry but that’s not artistic expression as Miley and Lady Gaga want to call it. I think you can express yourself without being naked and looking stupid. I angers me that my future child might have too be exposed to this. I won’t allow it…

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Not cool, just sad!


In love…

Yes, people…I’m in love!!!


Someone sent me a link to these Privileged Moks Chain Fringe Booties that you can find on Hautelook.com. And I fell in love!

Unfortunately, they don’t have them in my size, otherwise they’d be on their way to me right now!



Last one

Today I was the last one at the office! As I’ve been a few times in recent weeks! There’s just a lot to do and it’s actually fun stuff! I’d rather do in during the winter months rather than summer months. Also I get over in hours and I can take a more days off next year! That’s always good considering I have so many plans already!
After work today I went to see my grandma and grandpa and spent some time with them! Always fun!!!
Just took a shows now, about to watch Real Husbands of Hollywood and then go to bed! Busy day tomorrow at a conference plus dinner with a new friend, S.


Life, Life, Ohhh Liiifeee

Life has its ups and downs but I still love it…

The last few weeks been super busy and there are no signs that it’s gonna slow down any time soon. The blog has suffered because of that but I’ll do my best to update, starting today. This weekend I finally get the chance to see one of my favourite Bosnian singers in concert, Adnan Jakupovic. Going with my bff Ami so it should be a great night. I guess you’ll hear about it sunday afternoon!!!

Until then, have a great weekend.


Saturday & Sunday

I’ve had a very busy but really fun weekend.

Started saturday with nice breakfast and then got my car detalied…it’s now super clean!!! After that my dad and I went shopping and then home for a few hours. I made us lunch, cleaned up, got ready and then we left for Stockholm. We went to our cousins house and spent a few hours there. Watched the Klitschko-Povetkin fight and honestly I can’t believe Povetkin made it all 12 rounds. It looked like he was going down in the sixth or seventh round but he stood up and fought. Good match! But of course Wladimir Klitschko won.

As soon as it ended my dad and I left for the airport. We went to pick up my grandparents. Came home around 2AM and fell asleep sometimes after 3AM.

Woke up around 10AM Sunday morning and had a long breakfast with my dad before he left. I cleaned up around the house and then went to see my grandparents for a few hours. I love them so much, they are 79 years old and very open-minded about life. Makes for an easy relationship. I came home around 4PM and spend the whole afternoon getting everything ready that I need to pack…


Cheaper version

These Givenchy boots are a hit. A lot of people love them although the price isn’t for everyone. They retail at around 1800 dollars.

Well…now there is a Jeffrey Campbell version of the same boots and at a much better price. I’m not sure exactly how much they are but I think around 150-200 dollars…




Jeffrey Campbell