Life gets in the way of fun sometimes. I love this blog, for everything it is, to me! I would write even if noone was reading. But I’m greatful that you are. Let’s all be friends, and chat, and have sleepovers…well, maybe not sleepovers all of us but you get the point. I wish I had hours and hours every single day to write and update this blog, but unfortunatly I don’t. I do the best I can and you all stick around and there are more and more of you every single day. Thank You! I’ve been super busy and the workload is not letting up anytime soon, so bare with me…

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say Hi and Thank You!!!


What I wore…

I posted this same exact picture on my private FB and got a nice response to it. People even sent me private messages telling me I look nice. That is so sweet. thank you all! Although it is a nice picture I think it was more so the fact that I

don’t usually post pictures like this. And the reason is, I don’t have someone around all the time to take a picture when I dress up…

photo 5 (15)



Blazer: Forever21

Top: H&M

Skirt: Forever21 


Hello there

This is just a quick update letting you know I’m ok. I’ve been busy with work and having family here for the weekend. This coming weekend is my belated birthday party…Should be fun. Can’t wait to see all my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. Next weekend it work work work…

Until next time!



The weekend

My weekend started with a very chill friday afternoon. After work and a visit to the Dr because of my back, that took forever I just sat at home watching Homeland. Absolutely obsessed with the show. I just started season 3 last night. This morning a read a spoiler for the ending. LAME!

Saturday my aunt, cousin, his wife and their baby came to visit. It was a lot of fun having them. Baby A is so cute and super smart. Love the little muffin. When they left around 6PM I cleaned up around the house and then just watched Homeland. Sunday started off with a sleep in until 9 then I got up, took a walk, came home, had breakfast and it was Homeland time again. Around 3PM Ami came over and we just sat there talking for hours about life. When she left I watched a few episodes of Homeland and then went to bed.

This morning from 8AM to 1PM I had a meeting, then went to work. I just got home, I’m gonna do some laundry while watching Homeland before bed.

Hope you had a great weekend and a good monday!



Where I’m the happiest!!!

I am the happiest when I’m around people. People that love me and care about me, people I love and care about! Like my family and my friends. People I’ve known a long time. Like when I’m holding my cousins little girl with so much love in my heart or a little girl who belongs to a woman I’ve known for almost 20 years, a childhood friend of mine. That I’ve been through a lot with and seen her grow into the woman she is today, get married and have a baby. I’m happy when me, my sister and my brother-in-law are sitting in their living room at 2AM hysterically laughing over something silly. I’m happy when I see my mom laughing at her aunt who looks just like my grandfather did. I’m happy when my dad says he doesn’t worry about his job situation going on right now. I’m happy when my friend, even though she’s going through a death in the family still smiles through the pain.

I’m happy when people I love are happy!!!

photo (39)


Hell no you don’t!!!

This has got to be the most stupid thing I’ve read in a really, really long time. Apparently Miley Cyrus says she believes she’s representing women in a cool way! Hell NO you are not Miley. You look stupid and I feel violated every time I see a picture of you. Look I’m all for everyone doing whatever they want and feel like but Miley is not cool. Nor is she representing anyone in a cool way, not even herself. I don’t need to be looking at her camel toe in every other picture. I feel like the only reason someone would ever act like that is because they’re on drugs. No sane person would ever wear anything like that, not even on stage. Sorry, actually I’m not sorry but that’s not artistic expression as Miley and Lady Gaga want to call it. I think you can express yourself without being naked and looking stupid. I angers me that my future child might have too be exposed to this. I won’t allow it…

article-2498019-1955CDBD00000578-24_470x963 article-2498019-1956152000000578-958_470x902

Not cool, just sad!


Some people…

I am furious right now!

I don’t know how some people can think that it’s ok to talk to other people in any way they like!
I’m at a work conference and we just had lunch! As a guy comes up clear our table and as he reaches for this ladies plate she yells “I’m still eating” like literally yells out of nowhere!
I froze first our of shock and then out of anger! Because it was so uncalled for! She literally had one bite left on her plate and didn’t look like she was gonna eat it as she was already going for the coffee!
And even if she was gonna it eat, there are other ways and tones she could have spoke to him! Then the lady next to her sent back a whole pot of coffee because it wasn’t warm enough! Umm, excuse me but not everyone like their coffee scorching hot!
At that point I had to excuse myself from the table! Here you are an all expenses paid conference and you are acting in a way that’s not ok and very unnecessary!
Let’s all respect each other…