2016 in Rewind

Hello, I know it’s been a while but I’m back. I want to focus on the blog much more in 2017 and I know I’ll have more time to do so.

This time I’m here to give you a look back on my year, this is my 2016 in rewind. I’ve chosen 7 highlight from this year to sum it up. Why seven? Well, it’s just my favorite/lucky number. And this is in no particular order…


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Back to reality

This past week has been a blessing. I got to spend it with some awesome people doing something absolutely amazing. We visited orphanages and children’s homes in Bosnia. I love giving back to the children because they don’t expect much, just love. I wish I could show you every single one of their beautiful faces but I’m not allowed to post any pictures of them. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the scenery and me and my friends.

This was a trip I’ll never forget. 

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What is success?

I spent this weekend in Jönköping with students from Sweden and Bosnia. Came home inspired and ready to work. I met young people who have done so much for themselves and others. Some speak on it more, but in the end we could all agree that in order to be successful you have to love what you do.

Irma Omerovic
Introducing Irma Omerovic
Irma and I
Irma Omerovic, Amra, Ena, BHUF, Ellviisa
Me, Amra, Ena & Irma
Dina, Amra & Ena
Bestie ❤
What I wore…aka silly mirror pic!
While bowling…

IMG_4151 IMG_4146IMG_4145

Blurry nights, are the best nights (says the one that didn’t drink)


The snowstorm of a lifetime

I drove through the worst storm ever trying to get to Jönköping for work. I’ve had my license for 10 years and never seen anything like this. I’m already nervous about going back home sunday afternoon. Hopefully the storm has passed by then.

In the hotel room with Dina at the moment getting ready for bed!

Good Night



Crazy 24 hours

The last 24 hours have been crazy. Started last night with me turning my apartment upside down looking for my glasses. For those of you wondering if I found them I sorry that I have to say that I didn’t. And when Dina arrived around 9 PM the search continued. I even stopped by my office.

Then, what started as a girls night ended up as a mini party. We ended up going to bed after 2AM. At 7.15 Dina ran into my room in a panic screaming we had overslept. The alarm was set to 6.30, or at least that’s what we tought. We got ready in 30 minutes and got in a taxi and headed to the station to get the train to Stockholm. Thank God J was going and getting on the train 20 minutes later and could pick up breakfast for us all.

Our workday in Stockholm has been good. Well, everything but the food. The tagline for this weekend is ‘Don’t mess with a Bosnian mans food.’

We decided to skip the dinner as the same food was being served and got some Thai food. We are now back at the hotel, in our PJ’s about to watch the Sweden-Montenegro game.

Have a good evening lovelies!

The lunch we got instead




So, every year three of the biggest Bosnian organizations in Sweden organize a Day of Culture which includes song and dance. This year was no exception. We were in Borås, Sweden 9-11 of May. It’s a lot hard work but always a lot of fun. My job this year was really stressful. I went from speaking at the opening ceremony to actin as a backstage manager to collecting money for charity to helping people out with whatever they needed. Didn’t really get to watch the show at all.

Anyway, here are some of the official pictures and some other day I’ll do a post with my private pictures.

sretanja_u_folkanu_49_20140512_1833766161 sretanja_u_folkanu_48_20140512_1796705804 sretanja_u_folkanu_9_20140512_1435525083 proglasenje_pobjednika_1_20140512_1857381904 sveano_otvaranje_14_20140512_1215800585 sveano_otvaranje_13_20140512_1042938143 sveano_otvaranje_4_20140512_1560496750 nastup_ispred_folkana_1_20140512_1498076856 (1) sinnenas_hus_17_20140512_1767138477 sinnenas_hus_15_20140512_1596146538 oko_scene_na_sveanoj_akademiji_42_20140512_1016685716

Thank You

It’s been a super busy weekend, like I anticipated. When I came home last night around 9.30 PM I was exhausted. But, that wasn’t just it. More so than anything else I was thankful…

A huge Thank You goes out to two special people who did an awesome job. I put my trust in you and you made me proud.

photo (90)


Not enough time

Between what I want to do and what I need to do there are not enough hours in a day. I left work around 5PM, it is now 11.35 and I just sat down. Not even close to being finished packing and having done everything I need to do before I leave for a work weekend tomorrow at 3PM. Guess it’s another late night early morning, crazy busy weekend ahead!!!

Bring it on!!!