So, I first saw Divergent when it came out. Now that it’s out on DVD I chose to see it again. For some reason it was so much better this time and I’ve decided to actually read the books. As of right now I’m gonna skip the first one which is Divergent and start reading Insurgent. The movie for Insurgent is gonna premiere in March of 2015. I simply can’t wait that long to see what happens next.



Fifty Shades of Sin!

So,  someone wrote a fan fiction about Rihanna and Chris Brown, called 50 Shades of Sin and it’s now being sold on amazon.com.  Wow, that’ all I can say! I tried reading 50 Shades of Grey when it first came out but I made it halfway through the book before I decided it wasn’t for me and put it away for good. Might be one of the few people in the world that didn’t read it…

I will go and see the movie when it comes out but that’s just to see what the hype is all about because I will not read a 250+ page book. That would be wasting too much time on it. A two hour movie I can deal with. Also, I can walk out of the theatre if I don’t like it while I can’t unread a book, if you know what I mean.


My evening!

Yesterday after a very intense three-hour meeting I met up with Ami, J and A for a bite to eat. As usual it was so much fun, the four of us always have a blast together.  Around 8 PM it was time to head home and while I was driving I made a call to a ‘new friend’.  Well let me tell you, I got super confused! LOL It was a very short conversation but it was all me this me that. I can greatly appreciate being busy and working hard, trust me, I respect that a lot. But damn, that’s all you talk about all the time though??? I’m not an attention seeker but I do like when someone at least asks me how I am or what’s going on with me!

Probably working late today and then it’s time for a cup of tea and I’m gonna continue reading Fikret Hodzic’s book ‘…i ja sam iz Srebrenice’. It always makes me cry…