The Maze Shopper

So, everyone that knows me knows that I have to pick up a new bag whenever I travel. And as I do travel a lot I have collected quite a few bags. Different styles, colors and by different designers. The newest one I have is this Parfois bag, called the Maze Shopper in taupe! I absolutely love it. The size is perfect for me and my everyday life going to work and traveling. It fits my computer along with everything else I bring on a daily basis and that’s why I love it so much. I picked it up at the Parfois store, at Alta in Sarajevo!


pic3 pic2


Alta shopping center in Sarajevo!

BH Dragons

So, my beloved country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the World Cup for the first time ever. This whole journey has been about so much more than football. It has brought the people closer and united us as a country and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m proud of the players for giving it their all, not just for themselves but for every Bosnian soul all over the world. We lost out first game to Argentina 2-1, Messi scored of course. But, it doesn’t even matter, we will rise and we will win the next two games and advance in the World Cup, I’m sure of it.



Palim klub…

My favorite song at the moment. I can see me and my friends cruising the streets of Bosnia blasting this…

I’m gonna have my car and we’re gonna go to places like Prijedor, Kozarac, Sarajevo, Mostar, Trebinje and Dubrovnik. Should be a great summer!!!

Counting down the days…

There are still a few weeks left before I go away but honestly I can’t wait. It’s gonna be so much fun. Can’t wait to walk the streets in Sarajevo and London with some of my favourite people. from 2010!
Throwback…pictures from 2010!

photo 2  photo 1

Zvijezda Mozes Biti Ti

When I was in Sarajevo a few weeks ago my friends and I stopped by Hayat TV, a television station that’s very popular in the Balkan region. They have their own talent show that is like Idol called Zvijezda Mozes Biti Ti, which basically means You Can Be A Star. As we got a tour of the studio where they shoot the show some one the competitors were there. We took a picture with them but unfortunately I can’t tell you who they are as I myself don’t watch the show even though it’s very popular.




So as some of you might know from reading my blog, I’m 100 % Bosnian! I moved to Sweden when I was nine and I consider myself swedish in a way too! But, the love I have for my country is indescribable! I love it so much and even tho a lot of things are messed up it’s still home! Going back every few months does my soul good and I come back energized and ready to deal with life and everything else going on! Next trip is in only a few weeks and then I’m going back a few more times next year. To work, attend a wedding and my annual summer vacation…


I love you today

Woke up 6.25 AM this morning. I actually se my alarm for 6.45 but oh well…

Yesterday was a busy day, work 7AM-5.10PM and then home to do some more work. And I stopped by at a store on my way home from work. Didn’t get anything though. At home I started putting stuff in my suitcase. Clothes and jewelry I need to pack, because I’m leaving in 7 days…to Sarajevo!!! And until then I’m gonna be super busy. I only really have tonight, Sunday and Tuesday nights free to pack and do all that… Tomorrow my dad gets here and we’re gonna have a real daddy/daughter weekend. He leaves sunday and monday I’m meeting a new friend for dinner. Busy Busy Busy…

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!!!



Almost weekend!!!

It’s friday afternoon and this evening can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait for my friend and co-worker Dina to get here! Tonight we’re just gonna take it easy, have a glass of wine and relax. Tomorrow is work mode all day and then a dinner and a few drinks at night again. We work hard which means we can play hard as well…

Also, 13 days left until SARAJEVO!!!

If any of my readers in Sarajevo want to meet up, let me know!!! Especially if you run a charity or a business helping other people!




Every so often I get the question why I do what I do and how come I don’t mind being busy pretty much every single weekend.

Well, let me tell you. BHUF ( is very dear to my heart. I’ve been around it for years and I really and genuinely think it’s a great organisation. I think it’s a positive organisation! For me it’s always been a positive experience doing things with BHUF, even before I was on the board.  Actually more so when I wasn’t on the board. At that point, I showed up, had fun and then left. Now, I’m in the meetings planning everything, putting in hard work, late nights and countless hours on the phone to make certain things/activities happen. And even if it sometimes takes time away from doing something else, I still do it while actually enjoying it.  Thankfully my family and friends understand how important it is to me and they don’t give me a hard time about being away and not having enough time to spend with them. I’ve always given BHUF my all and I will continue to do so while I’m on the board. Through this wonderful experience I’ve made some great friends, lost some and made some new ones again. I’ve met people who have inspired me tremendously. I’ve met people who made me look at myself and see the good person I actually am while they’ve trashed me and my character. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’m a better person for having been involved in projects with BHUF. Some of the people I’ve met through BHUF I wanna be friends with for the rest of my life. But, more than anything I’ve had this thing connection me to my peers with the same history and the background that I have. We’ve cried together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve travelled together and we’ve shared experiences together. And still, we’re only a few people who can actually say that. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they are walking through a zoo looking at animals they’ve only seen on TV before makes it all worth it.  And the students relaxed and laughing in the midst of a though exam period in school makes it all worth it. Knowing you’ve helped a ten-year old live longer because she now can afford the medicine makes it all worth it.

 I take this very seriously and I want my time with BHUF to matter.