Lazy weekend

The weekend was fun! Thursday was dinner with S. Friday was bowling and dinner with a crew of awesome people! Saturday was a road trip and dinner with A. Sunday was shopping with grandma and dinner at her house!

So much for my lazy weekend I has planned!




Worked 7am-6pm today. Went home with just enough time to change and be back by 6.40 to meet up with Ami and the whole gang for some bowling and dinner!
Even though I was tired and thought about staying home I’m glad I went. Had a blast and I don’t remember the last time I laughed this much!
The crew tonight was amazing!

Here are some pictures:

All nails are still there



Had fried ice cream for desert, not the best thing I’ve ever had but it was ok

It’s finally friday

Been looking forward to this day all week! It’s my first weekend off in weeks and the only one off for the rest of the year pretty much. Until I go on vacation dec 20th.
I’m still gonna be busy but I don’t have to travel anywhere and that’s so nice!
Yesterday at the conference was ok and last nights dinner with S was so much fun! Such a nice and smart person! 🙂
Tonight on the agenda is dinner and bowling with some great people!!! Looking forward to it!!!

Have a great friday everyone!