Last one

Today I was the last one at the office! As I’ve been a few times in recent weeks! There’s just a lot to do and it’s actually fun stuff! I’d rather do in during the winter months rather than summer months. Also I get over in hours and I can take a more days off next year! That’s always good considering I have so many plans already!
After work today I went to see my grandma and grandpa and spent some time with them! Always fun!!!
Just took a shows now, about to watch Real Husbands of Hollywood and then go to bed! Busy day tomorrow at a conference plus dinner with a new friend, S.




Today I woke up at 6 am to get ready and now I’m in Stockholm at a super nice hotel!!! I’ve been here all day at a ESRI conference and tomorrow after day two I’m leaving for my beloved Sarajevo!!!
Can’t wait!!!