How about you shut up!

I am so sick and tired of skinny girls saying stuff about curvy women. Cheryl who used to be in this UK girl group called Girls Aloud said this after being criticized for being ‘too skinny’ :

‘It’s crazy double standards. You’d never be allowed to say to somebody, “Oh, you look a bit fat.” And being overweight is unhealthy – it’s actually a bad message to tell someone who is obese that they look “curvy” or “great”,’ she points out. ‘But you know what? After this length of time, there’s nothing I can hear about myself that I haven’t already heard.’

Sure, she’s allowed to think this and even say it. BUT, I hardly believe a curvy girl called her ‘too skinny’ or anything along those lines. What I’m trying to say is just because someone called you something you didn’t like you don’t have to twist it and turn it around on other people.

You found it hurtful, so why be hurtful to someone else. 

I’m literally sick and tired of the body issues people have. Let people be the way they are, no shape is better than the other. And being called skinny doesn’t give you the right to call out fat people just as it doesn’t give fat people the right to say anything to skinny people.

Let us all live and be happy with the way we look, there is already enough hate in the world. Why add to it???

Love everybody, start with yourself first!!!



The Maze Runner

Have you guys seen the Maze Runner with Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf? I’ve been meaning to see it ever since it came out in theaters but never got around to it. Well, it is now out on DVD and I finally watched it this evening. I haven’t read the book but was excited for the movie. But I must admit I was disappointed, I just didn’t find the movie that interesting and the whole story was just a bit too much at times. Almost glad I didn’t watch it at the movies because to be honest I was reading the Daily Mail while it was playing in the background.

What did you think?

Dylan-O-Brien-dylan-obrien-35470221-930-1395 maze-runner