IKEA on a Thursday

I’ve just brushed my teeth and gotten into bed. Wanted to give you an update on my day before I say good night!
After work I went to IKEA to pick up a few things. There are a few things I hate about the store. First it’s huge, takes forever to walk around and it’s not ideal if you’re in a hurry which I was. Second, as much as I like the prices they get me every single time. Not good! I end up spending a lot of money on stuff I don’t really need.
Anyway reason I want there is because I needed some shelves for my bathroom. Took me and hour to find them and pay for them. Luckily it wasn’t busy today otherwise I might have had a breakdown.
I got home and put up the shelves. My dad is gonna have to fix them when he come but the way I put them up will do for now.
I don’t cook ofter as I don’t enjoy it but I always like the kitchen displays at IKEA. Today this one was my fave.


Ok it’s already midnight, I’m off to bed!
Good night