BH Dragons

So, my beloved country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the World Cup for the first time ever. This whole journey has been about so much more than football. It has brought the people closer and united us as a country and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m proud of the players for giving it their all, not just for themselves but for every Bosnian soul all over the world. We lost out first game to Argentina 2-1, Messi scored of course. But, it doesn’t even matter, we will rise and we will win the next two games and advance in the World Cup, I’m sure of it.




Fun afternoon

Yesterday after work I went home and waited for my BBF Ami to come over with her mom who I love…Loved having them there. After they left I sat down to watch the Manchester City-Manchester United derby. City won, of course. Edin Dzeko scored two goals. 🙂 Then my other BBF Azze called and we talked about everything, as we usually do, for over an hour. After that I finished watching the game and then went to bed around midnight. Today I have another fun afternoon planned.

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Ready, Set, GO!

Yesterday after work and a short visit to the Dr, I met up with a friend for some shopping. Only got a few small things, like nail polish and eye cream. Then we sat down for some mexican food and some froyo!

Came home, showered, and then watched TV-shows and movies before the game started. Bosnia was playing Argentina in a friendly game in St. Louis. With the time difference the game started at 2.30 AM. I went to bed at 4AM and woke up around eight. Super tired right now!!!

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