New email

Just wanted to let you know I have a new email address where you can email me about anything regarding to this blog. Weather it about a sponsored post, a collaboration, an idea or just to say Hello, which I love when you do!

Elvisa is my real name by the way…

Let’s chat!!!


I Love Her Style : Celia Ayala

Some of you know I’ve done a few of these I Love Her Style posts in the past! But, I’ve never featured a plus-size, non celebrity before.

This post is all about plus-size babe Celia Ayala aka @ladyshears


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Late night selfie sesh + thoughts

It’s almost 2AM where I am…

I always work better at night so it’s no surprise I’m doing a bunch of things right now! Answering emails I’ve left un-answered for days. Making that playlist on Spotify I’ve been meaning to make for weeks. Writing a to-do list for the coming weeks. Planning a bunch of different things coming up. Thinking about texting a guy I like. Painting my nails. Testing out a new make up look. Planning for the future of this blog. Writing down ideas for outfit posts. Trying not to online shop. Scheduling posts for the next few days. Reading a open letter to Kim Kardashian. Watching Suits on Netflix. Researching relaxations tips. And snapping a bunch of selfies.

And for the record, it’s been a very boring Saturday, I don’t get why people love days off…especially when you’re sick.

Like this one:


And for the record, it’s been a very boring Saturday, I don’t get why people love days off…especially when you’re sick.


About last week…

If you follow my blog you’ve read about a surprise trip I was given for my birthday. I only found out where I was going when I got to the airport early Thursday morning of last week. And just as I had guessed and hoped for, it was London.


I was going with my sister and one of my best friends lives there, so I know it was gonna be a great trip. What I didn’t know was that one of my other best friends would show up too. Actually I guessed someone else I knew was coming but I couldn’t ever guess it was Dina. Not that she wouldn’t do this for me but because it was Valentines Day weekend, and she made me believer she was spending it with her boyfriend. He even was in on it, texting me about restaurant ideas for V-day.


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Manhattan FOTD

FOTD= Face of the day (I think you all know that already)

I might start doing these a bit more while telling you what products I’m wearing and what I think of them.

What do you think? Would you like that?

Today I’m wearing a powder by Manhattan, a German makeup brand from what I understand.


My 30th Birthday Party

Once again I’d like to thank everyone for the flowers, cards, FB messages, phone calls, SMS messages, blog comments, presents and for being there. You’ve all made my birthday super special and given me an amazing start to the new year.

Your love means everything to me.

I have to respect people’s privacy but here some pictures of the people who I know won’t mind.

        IMG_5085 (800x533)

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Sugar Plum

For my everyday going-to-work makeup I like it to be simple and natural looking.


This is the makeup I’m wearing today


IsaDora Wake Up Foundation

Sephora Eyeshadows

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Yves Rocher Concealer

L’Oreal Bronzer

IsaDora Eyebrow Pen

Rimmel Sugar Plum Lipstick

Manhattan Powder


YouTube channel


So….I decided to go for it and make my first YouTube video!

I’ve wanted to do this for a really long time but I was always afraid to do so. I finally did it this weekend and uploaded it. Let me know what you think! And if you have a YouTube channel let me know what it is so I can subscribe.




Today was a busy day at work and after that I went to the mall to do some ‘Christmas’ shopping! I say ‘Christmas’ because I don’t really celebrate, because I’m Muslim. But I do like giving gift and where I’m from we give New Year presents instead of Christmas presents. So yeah…you get the point…LOL

Anyway, I picked up the last few ones I needed to get then stopped by my grandparents house for dinner before coming home and wrapping them all.

IMG_4217 IMG_4220

Balloon art

IMG_4222 IMG_4224

Before & After


Put the ones I’m not giving away just yet under the tree