New email

Just wanted to let you know I have a new email address where you can email me about anything regarding to this blog. Weather it about a sponsored post, a collaboration, an idea or just to say Hello, which I love when you do!

Elvisa is my real name by the way…

Let’s chat!!!


Pointless blog post


So, I’m not even  gonna start telling you about my packing or lack thereof. You all I know I haven’t packed. I came home around 6PM and since then I’ve been maxin’ relaxin’. I was gonna do so much around the house but only ended up doing one load of laundry. Go me!

Been on my phone this whole time, Facebook, Instagram, emails etc. Talked so my sister and Ami stopped by to say Hi, that’s it.

Made myself a late dinner after she left, a sandwich and took a shower. I’ve just finished watching a new reality show called Ladies of London and now I’m about to get ready for bed.

Good Night