Mid week report!

Nothing much to talk about today, or these last few days. It’s been all work pretty much except for yesterday, I guess. My sister was in town for a meeting so I met up with her to hang out for a while before she had to take the train home. Ami joined us as well! It was nice seeing her, miss my friend!
Tomorrow it’s work till noon and then it’s a long weekend. Off from work until Tuesday! It’s gonna be nice!!! 🙂
Mom and dad are visiting for a few days as well as Dina. Can’t wait to see her pretty face!



Balance in life

These last few weeks, well months really I’ve been super busy. Work has pretty much taken over my life, yet I still find the time for a privet life. I’m really contempt in my life and I’ve made it work. Sure, you can’t make every event you’re invited to and sometimes you have to cancel plans you’ve made but all in all, it works. I’m so used to being busy I actually feel restless when I have a weekend off, I always have to have something to do. I think the reason I do make it work is because I work hard but I also play hard. I always need to have my calendar with me and I write everything down, even simple tasks as going grocery shopping and having my car cleaned. I make a list for every week and a list for things I need to have done every day. That might not work for everyone else, but it works for me. Also, I don’t mind being a little tired, if you want to manage everything you have to be tired sometimes and you can’t be too comfortable. Sometimes sitting at the airport for a few hours waiting is ok and driving in bad conditions, as long as you’re not risking you life, also ok. And like everyone else I get stressed out but life is meant to be lived to the fullest, you only have one so enjoy it!!!


It’s finally friday

Been looking forward to this day all week! It’s my first weekend off in weeks and the only one off for the rest of the year pretty much. Until I go on vacation dec 20th.
I’m still gonna be busy but I don’t have to travel anywhere and that’s so nice!
Yesterday at the conference was ok and last nights dinner with S was so much fun! Such a nice and smart person! 🙂
Tonight on the agenda is dinner and bowling with some great people!!! Looking forward to it!!!

Have a great friday everyone!



Something different

Last night I did something I’ve never done before. I went to the races with a group of some wonderful ladies. We had a really great time with lots of laughs. And some of us won some money!

That’s what I call a great monday!!!

 photo (79) photo (77) photo (76)


Life gets in the way

Still sick and that = not being motivated to actually write. Trying to find a way back to posting every day but it’s hard. Hoping everything goes back to normal once I’m better! 

A lot is going on and the next few months are gonna be very busy. I’m gonna bring you along.

Also, just wanna state this. My blog is not my main thing in life. I do this because I think it’s fun but I don’t see it as a must or a way of making a living for myself. Therefore, everyone that has an opinion on my updates and when I should do them, or what I should write about. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me. Do you and I’m gonna do me and post when I feel like it and write exactly what I want!

And to everyone that keeps checking back every single day, even when I’m not posting, Thank You! 


Shopping with BFF

Yesterday I met up with my BFF Ami and we went shopping. Well she shopped and bought a few items and I just tagged along. Didn’t find anything I liked. Then we sat down for dinner and had a very heated discussion about life and people. We don’t always agree but we walk away from the situation without any ill feelings towards each other. That’s what I call a real friend! I can’t wait for summer vacation with this girl. She makes me laugh and we always have a great time together. Prijedor/Kozarac/Sanski Most/Sarajevo watch out. Eli and Ami show is coming your way!!!

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