Late night selfie sesh + thoughts

It’s almost 2AM where I am…

I always work better at night so it’s no surprise I’m doing a bunch of things right now! Answering emails I’ve left un-answered for days. Making that playlist on Spotify I’ve been meaning to make for weeks. Writing a to-do list for the coming weeks. Planning a bunch of different things coming up. Thinking about texting a guy I like. Painting my nails. Testing out a new make up look. Planning for the future of this blog. Writing down ideas for outfit posts. Trying not to online shop. Scheduling posts for the next few days. Reading a open letter to Kim Kardashian. Watching Suits on Netflix. Researching relaxations tips. And snapping a bunch of selfies.

And for the record, it’s been a very boring Saturday, I don’t get why people love days off…especially when you’re sick.

Like this one:


And for the record, it’s been a very boring Saturday, I don’t get why people love days off…especially when you’re sick.



Flaws and all

Today has been a super busy day! Started my work day before 7AM and left the office around 6PM. Just in time to go home and change before a special screening of The Boy Next Door. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen, actually it was only ok.
After the movies I got my hair done as I’m traveling in a few days and I wanted fresh color. Still a red head!
Since coming home I’ve been packing the makeup I’m bringing with me and some clothes. Nowhere near to being done anytime soon! I mean I have to pack tomorrow so it might be a late night…

Good night!


Fresh out of the shower/No make up…face


I told you I felt inspired to get back home and work hard after the weekend and that’s exactly what I did. I got a lot of stuff done. Also, I planned the next few weeks and when to do what. Fun times. Last night I also went to dinner with a few co workers. When you do a lot in the day and you feel accomplished you can do those kinds of things without feeling guilty.

Have a great and productive day!!!


Busy morning

Started my morning of right, with 40 minutes of yoga. Then straight to work after. Meetings and problem solving all day. I’m gonna end my day with a meeting at my accountants office and then dinner with a dear friend.
Today, the only time I had to relax for 10 minutes was my lunch break. Ate a salad in the car, listening to the rainfall. Love that sound…


It’s so hard…

Waking up early!

Before Christmas and my vacation I was doing really good. I was at work before 7AM pretty much every morning. Since I’ve been back I’ve gotten into work around 8.30 and 9.00.  Not good!!! I’m gonna get better though, I promise. I have so many plans for this year and little trips I’m gonna take here and there that I need to work long days so I don’t miss anything. It’s easy, as soon as I get back into my routine of doing things!




Everything I talk about I’ve been doing with BHUF etc is a job on the side, with no pay but I’m more than happy to do it. It’s a personal satisfaction for me.
What I really do is GIS and today, this rainy tuesday I’m in the midst of making a new map. It’s not bug proofed yet, but it will be soon. That’s what these papers and notes are for.
Love my job!!!