This or That?

…The beauty edition TAG!


My girl Karen, from Confetti and Curves had a cool post on her blog and I wanted to recreate it.

It is a TAG about faves on the topic of makeup, nails, body, fashion and hair…

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Damn girl

Ok, so I’ve done a post on Demi Lovato earlier and I told you how I love her style. But, I also love her music and her hairstyles, in particular this one!!! To me this is so cool! And I would love to wear my hair like  this although I really can’t. Her being an entertainer she can get away with it, me as a GIS engineer, I know I couldn’t. So I’ll just admire this picture and dream about it…




Just wanted to show you these crazy and funny pictures from this weekend. It takes a few pictures to get a goo one!


photo (69)1

In this picture I’m pouting extra hard because Ami told me to stop pouting .

photo (70)1

Seconds before this pictures was taken Dina told me to whip my hair, I did and then burst out laughing

-a picture is a moment captured in time-


Hello there

I know I know, it’s been ages since I last updated! But I’ve been busy. Last week at work before vacay and busy every afternoon after that! Last weekend I got my hair colored and a new haircut by Ami, Tuesday I took her to the airport. Now she’s waiting for me to arrive Saturday aBd. Yesterday I went to a  co-workers house for some tea and this afternoon I’ve been packing. I’m not all set to go. Tomorrow is my last day at work for a few weeks. I don’t know how long I’m gonna work but I’ll go for a few hours anyway and clean my office. Just like I’ve cleaned my apartment today. I like coming back to a clean apartment and office. Clean around me gives me a clean mind and makes it easier to think!

I’m watching the Euro Cup now and after that it’s shower and bedtime…


New Episode

Yesterday was another new episode of the Eli and Ami Show. I got to her house at noon! She made me a late breakfast and then we started on my hair. Let me tell you guys it doesn’t hurt to have a friend whose a hair stylist, and a great one at that. First she cut my hair, just a few centimeters to make it fresh for summer vacation. Then she colored it! Making it even more brighter. After that we went shopping and then came back home, made dinner and sat on the balcony for hours talking about life. Some sad stories and some very happy ones as well. Still getting to know each other and yet it also feels like we’ve known each other forever!




Yesterday’ s #viewfromabove : T-shirt from Lindex, Jeans from KappAhl, Shoes from LaRedoute, Jacket from So Fabulous , Bag from Primark (London)