Old friends

This weekend I went back home for a birthday party. It was my old friends 30th birthday. By old I don’t mean she’s old because she’s 30 but because I’ve known her since I was 9, almost 20 years. We’ve been through a lot together but being there for the big moments means a lot. I was there for her 18th birthday. The day she got married, her babyshower. Yeah, all the big milestones in her life. And this weekend was no exception. Of course I was gonna be there. Almost died getting there but in the end it was all worth it. This weekend a huge storm hit and driving there and back wasn’t the easiest thing to do but I was super careful and after all, I’ve driven on Swedish roads for 10 years, I know how it is. All in all, a great weekend with family and friends, old and new!!!




Still sick

I hate this, I really do. Being sick and not being able to do stuff kills me. LOL. Yesterday I made myself go to work. Sat here all day and tried my very best. Made it through the day. Picked up some food on the way home and after dinner I pulled out all my Christmas and New Years decorations and decorated my house. It was fun. Love the red lights. I’ll snap some pictures to show you. This morning I was at work by 7.20, that’s a good indication of me feeling much better. This weekend I’m supposed to go back to my hometown to hang out with friends and attend a birthday party for two 30-year-olds. BUT, there is a storm warning and I might just stay home. I do not want to be out on these Swedish roads during a storm, trust me!



Where I’m the happiest!!!

I am the happiest when I’m around people. People that love me and care about me, people I love and care about! Like my family and my friends. People I’ve known a long time. Like when I’m holding my cousins little girl with so much love in my heart or a little girl who belongs to a woman I’ve known for almost 20 years, a childhood friend of mine. That I’ve been through a lot with and seen her grow into the woman she is today, get married and have a baby. I’m happy when me, my sister and my brother-in-law are sitting in their living room at 2AM hysterically laughing over something silly. I’m happy when I see my mom laughing at her aunt who looks just like my grandfather did. I’m happy when my dad says he doesn’t worry about his job situation going on right now. I’m happy when my friend, even though she’s going through a death in the family still smiles through the pain.

I’m happy when people I love are happy!!!

photo (39)


Plans for the weekend.

This afternoon I’m picking up my grandma and grandpa and we’re heading south. A two hour drive to see my mom, dad, sissy, brother in-law, auntie and friends. Looking forward to it. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been there and also it’s a weekend off, so no quick stops and travelling the next day. Happy Happy Happy! Saturday afternoon is a birthday party and Sunday is gonna be pretty chill!!!


I love you today

Woke up 6.25 AM this morning. I actually se my alarm for 6.45 but oh well…

Yesterday was a busy day, work 7AM-5.10PM and then home to do some more work. And I stopped by at a store on my way home from work. Didn’t get anything though. At home I started putting stuff in my suitcase. Clothes and jewelry I need to pack, because I’m leaving in 7 days…to Sarajevo!!! And until then I’m gonna be super busy. I only really have tonight, Sunday and Tuesday nights free to pack and do all that… Tomorrow my dad gets here and we’re gonna have a real daddy/daughter weekend. He leaves sunday and monday I’m meeting a new friend for dinner. Busy Busy Busy…

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!!!



It’s friday!!!


And only a week left until my vacation! It’s all I think about these days! I wanna get away!

Also, I’ve been offered a ‘job’ on the side connected to my blog that I’m very excited about. Of course I will let you in on it once it’s a done deal. I’m very excited though!



Tuesday afternoon and evening I spent in bed, napping. I was super tired and just couldn’t get out of bed. Yesterday after work I made dinner and waited for Ami to show up. We had a bite to eat and some ice cream for dessert and then just sat there talking. It was a very lovely and chill afternoon!!!


My weekend

So, last weekend I spent with family. Me and my sister’s day started super early at 6 AM. We got ready and went to McD to get some breakfast before we hit the road. It was an almost 3 hour drive and we wanted to get there early. We arrived at like 10.30 at our cousins and just spent time at her house. After lunch we took the kids to the lake for some fun in the sun. On our way back home we went to a nature reserve and took a walk. And after that we want back into town for some ice cream! Saturday night was movie night, but I fell asleep as soon as the movie started pretty much.

Sunday after breakfast we went to Kalmar, my old stomping grounds. That’s were I went to college. We just walked around town and did some shopping. We sat down for some ice cream and then took the kids to the FanZone, because the Woman’s Euro Cup is being played in Sweden. After that we went home and decided to see if there were tickets left to take the kids. We ended up not going.

Just before 10 PM I got home, jumped in the shower and went straight to bed.

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photo (30)



My Perfect Weekend

So, as many of you know my sister and two of my best friends were here visiting me. And let me tell you, we had a blast! They arrived friday night and we ended up going out for dinner and drinks. Saturday was a lake day and Saturday night we spent in Västerås. First dinner, then coffee and after a walk around town we sat down for some drinks! Ami joined us!!! Sunday morning we spend lounging on my couch and the afternoon we spent having some ice cream and just chilling. All in all, this was a great weekend.

I love my girls…!!!

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