My fave @ a hotel

Ok, so I might not like the packing about staying at a hotel but I do like some parts. I like the breakfast, of course and also I like the bathroom mirror. I like that they are huge…and the lighting, don’t even get me started on that…!



I wish I could display my stuff like this at home too...
I wish I could display my stuff like this at home too…


Happy New Year!


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!

Hope your new years eve was a fun night and you got to spend it with some amazing people. I know I did. Four days into the new year and I’ve already spend the first weekend away and in a hotel. Which isn’t even exciting anymore as I’ve spent more weekends in a hotel last year than at home. But needless to say the year has started out with a bang and I’m loving it.



So, a few years back I was having really bad and horrible nightmares. Then I decided to buy a dreamcatcher. And I swear that they work. I travel a lot so I sleep in hotels more than once a month for days at a time. And I still dream. The difference is, when I sleep somewhere else than in my own bedroom I dream and I remember it. But, when I sleep in my own bedroom, where I have two dreamcatchers hanging in the window, I dream, but I don’t remember the dreams. I just wake up with a feeling, where I know I’ve dreamt but not really what it was about.