*interior design edition*

Something I’m super excited for at the beginning of summer is to move to my brand new apartment. I get the keys in about 6 weeks but I’m already buying things and looking in stores for inspiration.

Furniture I’m almost set on and I know what I want. I’m also doing a bit of DIY for this project and mixing different styles. Pinterest has been my go-to page for all things DIY and I already have a shopping list saved on Ikea.com, ready for the order to be placed and delivered.

I’ve always had so much going on with different bits and bobs on display which bother me so much when I’m cleaning. Therefore I’ve decided to keep it minimal this time around.

Below are some of the things I have on my wish list for interior design/decoration.


  1. Strap mirror
  2. Omaggio Vase in PearlĀ 
  3. Eos mini lamp
  4. Ikea Tysnes mirror
  5. Klong Constella set in aluminium
  6. BAR tray
  7. Kitchen Craft spice rack

IKEA on a Thursday

I’ve just brushed my teeth and gotten into bed. Wanted to give you an update on my day before I say good night!
After work I went to IKEA to pick up a few things. There are a few things I hate about the store. First it’s huge, takes forever to walk around and it’s not ideal if you’re in a hurry which I was. Second, as much as I like the prices they get me every single time. Not good! I end up spending a lot of money on stuff I don’t really need.
Anyway reason I want there is because I needed some shelves for my bathroom. Took me and hour to find them and pay for them. Luckily it wasn’t busy today otherwise I might have had a breakdown.
I got home and put up the shelves. My dad is gonna have to fix them when he come but the way I put them up will do for now.
I don’t cook ofter as I don’t enjoy it but I always like the kitchen displays at IKEA. Today this one was my fave.


Ok it’s already midnight, I’m off to bed!
Good night