Work mode

It’s fun to work when you enjoy your job.

Here are some work selfies.

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Do you like the blue eyeliner?


Flaws and all

Today has been a super busy day! Started my work day before 7AM and left the office around 6PM. Just in time to go home and change before a special screening of The Boy Next Door. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen, actually it was only ok.
After the movies I got my hair done as I’m traveling in a few days and I wanted fresh color. Still a red head!
Since coming home I’ve been packing the makeup I’m bringing with me and some clothes. Nowhere near to being done anytime soon! I mean I have to pack tomorrow so it might be a late night…

Good night!


Fresh out of the shower/No make up…face

Meeting a deadline

For months now I’ve been working on a project with three people. We’ve sat in countless meetings and discussed this particular project. We’ve made changes from day-to-day. We’ve laughed about it and been upset about it but now, finally, on my part it’s pretty much finished. Pheew, is all I have to say about it. It’s been hard at times but really fun too. In the end it’s all worked out and I’m super happy about it. Tomorrow is a showing for a group of people and friday is the official launch. And even thought I know there are gonna be some issues and changed to be made, I’m ok with that because after months of work we’ve made it to the finish line!


It’s so hard…

Waking up early!

Before Christmas and my vacation I was doing really good. I was at work before 7AM pretty much every morning. Since I’ve been back I’ve gotten into work around 8.30 and 9.00.  Not good!!! I’m gonna get better though, I promise. I have so many plans for this year and little trips I’m gonna take here and there that I need to work long days so I don’t miss anything. It’s easy, as soon as I get back into my routine of doing things!



It’s finally friday

Been looking forward to this day all week! It’s my first weekend off in weeks and the only one off for the rest of the year pretty much. Until I go on vacation dec 20th.
I’m still gonna be busy but I don’t have to travel anywhere and that’s so nice!
Yesterday at the conference was ok and last nights dinner with S was so much fun! Such a nice and smart person! 🙂
Tonight on the agenda is dinner and bowling with some great people!!! Looking forward to it!!!

Have a great friday everyone!



Last one

Today I was the last one at the office! As I’ve been a few times in recent weeks! There’s just a lot to do and it’s actually fun stuff! I’d rather do in during the winter months rather than summer months. Also I get over in hours and I can take a more days off next year! That’s always good considering I have so many plans already!
After work today I went to see my grandma and grandpa and spent some time with them! Always fun!!!
Just took a shows now, about to watch Real Husbands of Hollywood and then go to bed! Busy day tomorrow at a conference plus dinner with a new friend, S.


I love you today

Woke up 6.25 AM this morning. I actually se my alarm for 6.45 but oh well…

Yesterday was a busy day, work 7AM-5.10PM and then home to do some more work. And I stopped by at a store on my way home from work. Didn’t get anything though. At home I started putting stuff in my suitcase. Clothes and jewelry I need to pack, because I’m leaving in 7 days…to Sarajevo!!! And until then I’m gonna be super busy. I only really have tonight, Sunday and Tuesday nights free to pack and do all that… Tomorrow my dad gets here and we’re gonna have a real daddy/daughter weekend. He leaves sunday and monday I’m meeting a new friend for dinner. Busy Busy Busy…

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!!!




Every so often I get the question why I do what I do and how come I don’t mind being busy pretty much every single weekend.

Well, let me tell you. BHUF ( is very dear to my heart. I’ve been around it for years and I really and genuinely think it’s a great organisation. I think it’s a positive organisation! For me it’s always been a positive experience doing things with BHUF, even before I was on the board.  Actually more so when I wasn’t on the board. At that point, I showed up, had fun and then left. Now, I’m in the meetings planning everything, putting in hard work, late nights and countless hours on the phone to make certain things/activities happen. And even if it sometimes takes time away from doing something else, I still do it while actually enjoying it.  Thankfully my family and friends understand how important it is to me and they don’t give me a hard time about being away and not having enough time to spend with them. I’ve always given BHUF my all and I will continue to do so while I’m on the board. Through this wonderful experience I’ve made some great friends, lost some and made some new ones again. I’ve met people who have inspired me tremendously. I’ve met people who made me look at myself and see the good person I actually am while they’ve trashed me and my character. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’m a better person for having been involved in projects with BHUF. Some of the people I’ve met through BHUF I wanna be friends with for the rest of my life. But, more than anything I’ve had this thing connection me to my peers with the same history and the background that I have. We’ve cried together, we’ve laughed together, we’ve travelled together and we’ve shared experiences together. And still, we’re only a few people who can actually say that. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they are walking through a zoo looking at animals they’ve only seen on TV before makes it all worth it.  And the students relaxed and laughing in the midst of a though exam period in school makes it all worth it. Knowing you’ve helped a ten-year old live longer because she now can afford the medicine makes it all worth it.

 I take this very seriously and I want my time with BHUF to matter.