The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

The movie premieres next week and I can’t wait. I’ve told Ami that she needs to get ready by watching the previous movies because we’re going. I’ve likes the movies so far and the books are good as well. Audio books via Audible is a fave at the moment. Because I travel I lot I tend to need something to do so I don’t get bored and I like Audible for that. Right now you get a free book when you sign up so go do that and enjoy!




Movie: Red Dawn

It’s almost midnight again and I just got in bed! Had a lot of things to do tonight and then ended up watching a movie. It’s called Red Dawn and it’s about these teenagers trying to save their city from North Korean military! It’s good and pretty sad at the same time. I recommend it!!! Chris Hemsworth, Isabel Lucas and Josh Hutcherson as well as Tom Curises son Connor!

Watch it!!!


Off to bed now!

Good Night