Another manic monday

Coming back to work after a weekend of work is always stressful. It means maybe you didn’t do everything you intended to do that weekend as well as you piling on more work because you did have a work weekend with ideas flowing and problems arising that now need to be solved. Well, that is the case for me at the moment, so much to do, with so little time to do it…

Wish me luck!



Life gets in the way

Still sick and that = not being motivated to actually write. Trying to find a way back to posting every day but it’s hard. Hoping everything goes back to normal once I’m better! 

A lot is going on and the next few months are gonna be very busy. I’m gonna bring you along.

Also, just wanna state this. My blog is not my main thing in life. I do this because I think it’s fun but I don’t see it as a must or a way of making a living for myself. Therefore, everyone that has an opinion on my updates and when I should do them, or what I should write about. Your opinion doesn’t matter to me. Do you and I’m gonna do me and post when I feel like it and write exactly what I want!

And to everyone that keeps checking back every single day, even when I’m not posting, Thank You!